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Exciting News!  I, along with my duo partner, Pat Maher (The 2 Paddy’s) will have our CD launch on Sunday March 3rd, 2019.  this will our 20 year anniversary of sharing tunes and songs!  Here is a little clip from the local paper, The Glengarry News.

The2Paddy's CD Glengarry News 1

The2Paddy's CD Glengarry News

Looking forward to this concert in Concord, NH.

Had a wonderful night playing with the Festival of Small Halls, Ontario.

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Looking forward to the Fredonia Opera House. This will be my first time there. Should be a great show!



The play is done. Was quite fun.  Thanks for the notes!


To celebrate the 45th year of the Brigadoons, we are sponsoring an afternoon of song and dance. To help, the Glengarry Celtic Music Hall of Fame is assisting with the arrangements so a good will offering will be accepted on their behalf. It will be a lovely Sunday afternoon, so come out and enjoy some tunes!


Well this is fun!  Working with the RAPA (Russell Association for the Performing Arts) folks. Working with another gentlemen to assist with music for the play production of Marion Bridge. Should be fun!  Here is a little clip from their news letter.

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A little mention in the local paper. Thanks Times Union, Albany.

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Just a thank you from a grade 5 class for a small presentation about traditional music in Canada. Along with the Scottish bagpipes, I entertained the children with some guitar, banjo, fiddle, tin whistle and a little bodhran. We even got them up to work on a simple three hand reel! Thank you kids, it was fun.




A little clip from my CD release party taken from the Glengarry News. Thanks to everyone who made this a special day.